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Craft biltong
is hand crafted 
from prime cuts of 
free range beef.
free of antibiotics
and growth hormones.

Carefully spiced with natural ingredients:
Vinegar, Salt, Pepper,
 and Coriander.
No added preservatives,
MSG or artificial flavours.

 Slowly cured
over 14 to 21 days
for superior flavour.

Suitable for banting
and paleo diet .

Yellow Beef Fat is Healthier and Tastier!

Freshly cut traditional free range beef biltong


"Why is grass fed beef fat yellowish instead of bright white?"


The key ingredient that makes grass fed beef fat

look yellow instead of white is beta-carotene.


 Beta-carotene is a natural form of Vitamin A - an

essential nutrient - which the body can convert to

Vitamin A as needed.


It is also one of the contributing micro-nutrients

that gives  grass fed beef fat its

superior flavour.

When cattle consume beta-carotene-rich foods, it is stored in their fat.

And likewise, when we eat beta-carotene-rich foods like (carrots,

pumpkins, or beef) then we transfer that beta-carotene

to our own body fat reserves.

So the yellowish color of grass fed fat is actually a sign that

it is good for you!

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